We are fully committed to the satisfaction of our customers. Indeed, the improvement of our services relies on our continuous commitment to quality…

Our commitment is reflected in the following:
– Preventive maintenance of our vehicles
– Regular training for all members of Horizon Provence
– Adequate safety equipment in each coach
– Vehicles that meet the needs of our customers

By constantly getting closer to the expectations of our customers, we aim to take them further, whether it’s exploring Provence, France, or Europe.

Our priorities : your comfort and safety.

At Horizon Provence, quality of service and safety are paramount. To ensure quality of service, we provide a well-trained and competent staff capable of professionally and courteously meeting our clients’ needs. All of our vehicles are regularly and carefully maintained to ensure their proper functioning.

Regarding safety, regular checks and preventive measures are implemented to ensure passenger safety. This includes regular vehicle inspections, clear safety protocols for passengers, and ongoing staff training. A company that cares about the quality of service and safety of its clients is able to offer a pleasant and safe travel experience.


Safety is our top priority at Horizon Provence. That is why we have implemented strict measures to ensure the reliability and safety of all our vehicles. We have a dedicated workshop where our mechanics and drivers work closely together to ensure that each vehicle is regularly and carefully maintained.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest tools and we use industry best practices to perform preventative maintenance on our vehicles. We also ensure that all seat belts, lights, and safety systems are in perfect working order.

By working closely with our mechanics, our drivers are also able to quickly spot any potential problems with the vehicle and report them immediately so that they can be repaired before they become a danger to passengers.

At Horizon Provence, we take safety very seriously. We are proud to be able to offer our passengers the peace of mind they deserve, knowing that their safety is paramount.


At Horizon Provence, we believe that training is a key element in providing quality service to our clients. That is why we ensure that all our drivers receive regular training from experienced professionals.

Our drivers receive training on road safety, eco-driving, stress management, and communication with passengers. We also provide them with specific training on regulations, emergency procedures, and vehicle maintenance.

We are confident that these regular trainings enable our team to provide superior quality service and ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

At Horizon Provence, we are proud of our competent and professional team who works together to offer an unforgettable travel experience.